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drawing before Warp is Drawing in background, that setting literally moved the rendering of the shape above the warping process. so if you copied shape 1 to shape 4( so there right on top of eachother) you would not see shape one because shape 4 is being drawn on top(assuming 100% opacity) but if you set shape 4 to draw in background it is now ahead of shape 1 in the render loop and is drawn first, effectively hiding shape
4(also assuming no warp effects).

I guess that since your generating the shape in Pixel shaders that using the uv_orig is kinda like drawing in the background, but you cant do the real shapes that way.

why you wanna get an example with 4 faked shapes, as long as there still are the real ones?
because if you cant make 4(5 really) different shapes plus add effects in PS then its all a moot point because although you can accomplish some of the basic features you cant recreate the effects of beta...

Plus it would be kinda cool to see how fast(or slow) it actually runs(not that I want you to waste your time building it, I'm just saying it would be cool)

btw, I havent look at your examples yet, i'll try to get to it.. but I'm currently building a little app that will download all the presets ever posted to this form cause I'm sick of wading through all the threads to find new stuff.

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