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PHP Code:
float1 s,c;

ret 0;

// fern fractal on the red channel

float2 uv0 uv.yx*-float2(3,0);
float c0 tex2D(sampler_fc_mainuv0).z// feeded by the spiral

float2 uv1 0.5 + (uv-0.5)*1.15 float2(-1,1)*0.05// main arm
float1 c1 tex2D(sampler_fc_mainuv1).x;

float2 uv2 float2(-1,0) + (float2(-1,1)*uv float2(1,0) - 0.5)*4// upper limb
float1 c2 tex2D(sampler_fc_mainuv2).x;

float2 uv3 float2(1,2) + (float2(1,-1)*uv float2(0,1) - 0.5)*4// lower limb
float1 c3 tex2D(sampler_fc_mainuv3).x;

ret.= (c0 c1 c2 c3)*1.075// composition of the red fractal

// spiral in the blue channel

float2 uv4 float2(-1,0) + (float2(-1,1)*uv float2(1,0) - 0.5)*4;
float1 c4 tex2D(sampler_fc_mainuv4).x// feeded by the fern

q1// sin(w)
q2// cos(w)
float2 scale 1.05;
float2 uv5 = (uv-0.5)*aspect.xy;
uv5 scale*float2c*uv5.s*uv5.ys*uv5.c*uv5.y); // rotation
uv5 0.5 uv5* float2(-0.03,0.03);

float1 c5 tex2D(sampler_fc_mainuv5).z;

ret.= (c4 c5)*1.075 0.00;

// mirrored rotated checker in the green channel

q3// sin(w)
q4// cos(w)

float2 uv6 = (uv-0.5)*aspect.xy*2.4;
uv6 scale*float2c*uv6.s*uv6.ys*uv6.c*uv6.y); // rotation
uv6 0.5 uv6* float2(q9,q10);

uv6 1.0 absfracuv6 0.5 ) * 2.0 1.0 ); // Eo.S' mirror code

float c6 tex2D(sampler_fc_main,uv6).z// feeded by the spiral
float c7 tex2D(sampler_fc_main,uv6).y;

ret.lerp(max(c6,c7-0.15),tex2D(sampler_fc_main,uv_orig).y-0.004,0.6); // motion blur

never said, there's alway a need for a full rebuild of textured shapes. but see yourself, what is possible.

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