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HD AdamFX With the Right Codecs

Like Ive said many times I have an Ati Radeon Card .... I belive i have the best codecs on my computer ..... I would Definatly like to thank Geiss, Martin, Rovastar, Shadow Harlequin, New Comer Armandio C if i got that right . Also ....Flexi, Hex-C Stahlregen, Shifter, Orb,Eos, Phat, Mstress all the Milkdrop Forum kings. I would have to say ive reached my peak with these guys ive collaborated all of our work and Tweaked them to the max if I forgot you sorry.

I would say to get the best F - X out of my work add a separate folder in your C:/Program Files/Winamp/Plugins ect you know .... and add all my presets to that folder .... check out my work . No one ever post comments lol ive never started a thread but ... would like to know what you guys think about with what ive done Our DROP FX . Hope you enjoy.

Take care Milking World
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