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Originally posted by NJK
our couch is second hand and it's the 10th one in 15 years.

if you make the choise to take animals into your house you have to be prepared for those things.
I prepare for that by training the animal so that it doesn't destroy anything. Couches usually last me a decade. I am the alpha. It's MY furniture and because I am the alpha and all good things come from me, an animal would feel pretty low to do something I didn't like. To do what is good and know what is good is to be spoiled. To be scolded by your best pal and alpha dog. How undignified!

Daisy can't resist eating the occasional dirty sock but no mayhem. She won't get on the furniture uninvited. Hell, if she's wet, she'll sit by the back door and clean her paws and dry out before proceeding into the house.

Not a remarkable dog compared to any other I ever had. Just trained. My dogs are often better behaved than people I let in my house.
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