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Dog #7, Morgen aka Harry Houdini was an escape artist, roamer. Male dogs do roam. It is almost impossible to keep them from doing it, but it's not quite impossible.

Mainly, you have to be clever enough to bust them every single time. With Morgen, I built a little box for his collar. If I let him out he had a half hour of freedom before the box went off like a smoke alarm making him really easy to find.

He could jump a 5 foot fence without touching it, run 30 miles an hour, and his keeshond/samoyed gave him the camoflage of a wolf. He'd break chains, collars, dig under, jump over.

He was about 4 when I built my dog finder. After busting him every single time he ran off for a few months, my will finally prevailed and he quit trying.

Around here, it's 3 strikes, you're out for getting caught by the animal control. They'd take the dog permanently, plus the $100 fine. Morgen had a couple different dog names on his licenses over the years to keep him out of trouble with the 3 strikes rule.

Finally, and after having other male dogs that were roamers, including one that killed himself in an escape attempt... I determined that I was going to win against Morgen. I'm surprised, but killing him was not necessary

After Morgen, I found out that you can indeed train a dog. Sometimes it takes a broom. Sometimes it takes a smoke alarm buzzer. Dogs after #7 don't run off much, if at all.

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