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I read that whole book and never tumbled that it was a gal. I did know about the autism, which she compares to animal behavior in some ways.

The point of the book is that in measuring animal welfare, you can't examine it in human terms. Surprisingly, the factory farm chicken may have a better life than the "free range" one. Things that humans think animals need, often aren't what they really needed for their welfare.

Another question she raised is whether your relationship with your dog is really that of an alpha wolf. Or are you mommy/daddy? Interesting insight on wolves; countering some established theory. She thinks alphas only exist in "packs" created by humans sticking unfamiliar wolves together. She says the "alpha wolf" in natural packs is "daddy". "Daddy" has the position for life. Posturing aside, his control is affection by the pack, not dominance.

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