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MD2 was a one off contracted job to my understanding, everything else done after ryan did his MD2 stuff has been done by whoever was on the dev team at the time, be it localisation additions or minor configuration fixes to the changes which came in 2.2. as such donating to development on MD2 wouldn't really be something which is feasible.

i understand that people using it and who have spent time making presets want more things / more support. but the same is from the people using AVS or using the library or podcasts or other features.

and that's then not forgetting people now using the Android app (which seems to be the main priority). i'd love to see everything on Winamp proper being worked on / improved / added to but that's just being unrealistic with what is deemed as the priority for the dev team to work on. if that's not liked, other going off and making your own, putting up with it or using something else instead, there's not much that can be done to change that unless it's decided by higher up the chain.

as for the 'trivial flaws' i know both myself and benski have tried to look into them but if they cannot be reproduced on a dev side then it's nigh on impossible to properly fix them and yes i know that's no excuse but wasting 2 days and not getting an resolution on the issue is not an acceptable usage of time (especially when i tried doing it off my own back) on something which is provided for free (MD2 does not count under the pro features).

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