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I figured I wouldn't start a whole new thread for this, but I've also had a strange issue with flac tagging. It doesn't happen too often which is why I haven't brought it up earlier.

I've had it happen where I try to tag an album of flac files, the auto-tagger gives different results than if I run auto-tagger on the mp3s converted from those same flacs.

An example of what happens: I ripped The Beatles album 'Let It Be' to flacs using EAC. When I run the auto-tagger on these files in Winamp it tags them as the album 'Let It Be Naked', which isn't correct. However, if I take these same flac files and convert them to mp3s using Winamp, and then run the auto-tagger on the mp3s, it tags them with the correct album 'Let It Be'.

This is just an example. I've had it happen with other albums too, but like I said it's not very often. I guess it's more of a curiosity as to why this would happen. Is it something to do with the mp3s have ID3 tags and the flacs don't? But then I'm not sure why it would only happen a few times and not on all of them.
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