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I have some further questions now, and there will be not enough time anymore...

If the website and the associated webservices will be shut down on the 20th December, will SHOUTcast Radio in Winamp for Android continue to work or will it stop working? I know only from a YouTube-Video, that the Android-User can enter a Radiostation-URL manually. If I know, that SHOUTcast Radio will still work, then I don't have to worry so much. I can ask also, if the Album Washer and the Lyrics will still work, they both are in-app-purchases, and some user had bought them. I think, they are dependent on online services of, if I am not wrong. But I think, the question about SHOUTcast Radio in Winamp for Android is more important.

I myself have no handy with Android yet, only the cheap devices, which I use in airplane mode. I had tried once to get a WLAN-connection, but maybe the WLAN of our old router didn't already work anymore, only the cable LAN (before our router had died totally).

Also if no Winamp 1.4.16 will come out anymore after Winamp 1.4.15, and after Jelly Bean the new Kit Kat has come out, I am still hoping, that the latest Winamp for Android Version will work also on Kit Kat and later Android OS and not only on Jelly Bean. The "Jelly Bean Issues" had been resolved, and I don't want to see reports about new "Android OS Issues", of course:
I want to see everything working also after the 20th December...

PS, this is the Wikipedia incl. a list of all Android OS...

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