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Big problem with big files...

I cannot create instaler for big distribution

for example:
--- part of file ---
File: Descending to: "files\e2driver" -> "$INSTDIR\e2driver"
File: "e2_d3d8_driver_mfc.dll" [compress] 199060/540736 bytes
File: Returning to: "files" -> "$INSTDIR"
File: "x_level1.ras" [compress] 115238381/123196327 bytes
File: "x_level2.ras" [compress] 66137012/70958070 bytes
File: "x_level3.ras" [compress] 95316992/102462128 bytes
File: "e2mfc.dll" [compress] 167396/442368 bytes
File: "grphmfc.dll" [compress] 47684/98304 bytes
File: "MaxPayne.exe" [compress] 17169/49152 bytes
File: "MFC42.DLL" [compress] 463287/995383 bytes
File: "MSVCIRT.DLL" [compress] 23554/77878 bytes
File: "MSVCP60.DLL" [compress] 116939/401462 bytes
File: "MSVCRT.DLL" [compress] 131857/266293 bytes
File: "rlmfc.dll" [compress] 106290/282624 bytes
File: "sndmfc.dll" [compress] 38417/98304 bytes
File: "x_data.ras" [compress] 71616378/143134507 bytes
File: "x_music.ras" [compress] 120877314/144606272 bytes
File: "x_polish.ras" [compress]
Internal compiler error #12345: error mmapping datablock to 776490929.

Note: you may have one or two (large) stale temporary file(s)
left in your temporary directory (Generally this only happens on Windows 9x).
--- part of file ---

1. x_polish.ras have 220 megabytes
Full distribution have (unpacked) 830 MB
Packed by bzip2 have 615 MB
2. I have empty temp directory - before running NSIS (!).

I have:
HDD: disk C: 6GB (FAT32 with 1,5GB free space) <- temp directory
other disks FAT32 +/- 36 GB on 5 partition
RAM: 128 MB
OS: Windows 98 and Windows XP (always the same error)

I use zlib algoritm, bzip2 is work but (decompression) its
too slow for me.

1. What is wrong? (FAT32 ?!)
2. Can I change default (detected by nsis c:\win98\temp)
temp directory (in NSIS of course)?
3. When 7z will be integrated in NSIS?

On very big file progress bar is stop for 1-5 minutes,
can someone change it.
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