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I concur with NJK. Be original. You have an opportunity to program your station however you want it. Consider your audience too. Who you want to tune in and what would keep them there. This with time, experimentation, it's really an ongoing process.

I also recommend consistency. I would personally recommend a programmed station to a playlist on random or loop. Consider the time of day or the day of the week and what you want to play. Whatever you want to do, your format, I strongly suggest your station be reliable and consistent.

Don't trade budget for sound quality, either. I worked with a guy who worked hard to build a local unique station that I thought would work. Got investors and everything. But when I tuned in, he was on such a low bit rate, I thought I was listening to a Casio SK-1 from the 80s. Made it hard to listen. Low quality for music only creates listener fatigue.


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