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1. Information required when posting (ignore this at the risk of being ignored)

2. FAQ: Common Issues (Read This First before posting)

3. Clean Install instructions

4. SB Live/Audigy issue with gen_nomad.dll

5. Problems caused by using 3rd-party MP3Pro plugin

6. Problems with Internet TV/Radio Streams or Video playback?
....DRM-Protected WMA playback issues? (Read This First)

7. Tips and Tricks for MSVCRT.dll Errors

8. Not happy with 5.2+ Online Services / Shoutcast browser? Read this first!

9. Most Requested Features / Plug-ins

10. Winamp 5.x Component List (full list/details of Winamp installation options)

~ Updated by Nunzio390 : 10th Apr 2005 | above links no longer open separate windows ~


SB Live/Audigy Sound Card Users, READ THIS

Before you ask for help make sure you delete gen_nomad.dll from the winamp\plugins directory. This faulty plug-in silently installed by Creative PlayCenter has been known to cause serious problems with Winamp. For more information please refer to this thread

You can also delete CtnPluginRes.crl which is associated/installed with gen_nomad.dll

Other Information:

Tech Support Greatest Hits > Offical 3rd-party Plugin Buglist > gen_nomad.dll

From Tech Support Greatest Hits > Useful Links to Common Problems & Questions Previously Asked:

SBLive & PlayCenter2 related issues: (gen_nomad.dll) (ctmp3.acm) (crackles, clicks & pops)
Latest drivers: 1 | 2 | 3

RE: How do I remove 3rd-party plug-ins

For all SB Audigy specific issues:
(more info about latest drivers for both Live! and Audigy cards in this thread)

Sign this petition to demand better tech support / drivers from Creative:

Skipping with DirectSound
Start > Run > dxdiag > OK > Sound Tab:
Reduce the "DirectSound Acceleration" slider (to Basic)

Note that none of the above issues exist with newer Creative cards, eg. X-Fi :-)

~ Updated by DJ-Egg : 10th July 2002 | 26th May 2003 ~
~ Updated by Sawg : 25th April 2002 ~


Problems caused by using 3rd-party MP3Pro plugin.

THOMSON mp3PRO Decoder Plug-in for Winamp

The buggy 3rd-party MP3Pro plugin (in_mp3pro.dll) by Thomson/mp3prozone is known to cause the following problems:

-Does not parse metadata to the media library; therefore artist, album, track#, title info is not read/displayed when importing mp3's.

-Does not support Shoutcast streaming titles (displays the station name/url only).

-Does not read/support ID3v2 or Lyrics3 tags (reads ID3v1 tags only).

-Does not support Advanced Title Formatting

-Does not support any unicode/international characters in filenames/tags.

-Does not work properly with Winamp's built-in CD Ripping/Burning engine.

-Does not correctly read some xing/vbr headers, causing tracktimes to display as 0:00

-Does not support seeking in some vbr-encoded mp3's

-Breaks aacPlus streaming support

-Has a simplified Info Editor (overrides in_mp3's advanced editor)

-Sporadic stability issues resulting in random error messages/crashes

-Freezes up Winamp when listening to Shoutcast Radio streams under Win9x


If you really need support for MP3Pro streams/playback, then we recommend that you uncheck "Enable - use for all .mp3 files" in the plugin's config: Winamp > Prefs > Plugins > Input > MP3Pro > config | screenshot.

This should hopefully force Winamp to use the default Nullsoft in_mp3.dll for standard MP3's and the MP3Pro plugin should only be used for actual mp3pro files/streams - in theory - but from what I can gather, this option doesn't work either, heh :/

If the problems persist, then we further recommend that you uninstall this buggy plugin and avoid MP3Pro at all costs.
Report any further issues/complaints directly to Thomson/mp3prozone (ie. not here).
Note: the default Nullsoft MP3 Decoder will still be able to play mp3pro encoded mp3's, but not at the same/intended quality :/

Further Resources:

Latest version (26 Aug 2006)
Note, there is no indication of whether any of the above bugs/issues have been fixed.

Why not to use WMA/mp3pro

Basically, MP3Pro is now widely known to be a dead format.
It has already been replaced by the newer aacPlus technology, which is already supported by in_mp3.dll in the default Winamp 5.x distro.
Native MP3Pro support will NEVER be implemented in Winamp, mainly due to licensing issues/costs and the fact that it is a truly lousy and dead format.

More info about AACPlus |

~ Updated by DJ Egg : 7th Jan 2005 ~
...{ added in_mp3pro section }


Compiled, maintained and updated for Winamp 5.x by DJ Egg

Clean Install Instructions

Note: You only need to do a clean install if you are experiencing problems that cannot be resolved using any other method. If you are just upgrading to a newer version of Winamp 5.x then you can just install straight on top of the previous version of Winamp 2.x or 5.x (but not Winamp3), thus keeping all your current settings etc.

If the problems persist after carrying out all the instructions below,
please read this section before posting on the forums.

Quick Uninstall -> Reinstall:

Note, you will lose all settings, bookmarks, skins, library database/playlists, etc by choosing this method. If you need to backup anything first, then please use the 2nd method below instead.

1. Uninstall Winamp (via Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs)
2. Delete the Winamp dir (where Winamp was installed)
3. Delete the contents of the %AppData%\Winamp folder (see below for more info).
4. Delete C:\Windows\Winamp.ini (v5.1 and earlier, not v5.11 or above)
5. Reinstall Winamp

Full Uninstall -> Reinstall procedure:

Winamp 5.x

1. Backup

Note: You don't need to backup anything if you don't want to, ie. this part is optional, so you can skip straight to part 2 if you don't want to backup anything (playlists, media library, bookmarks, skins, plugins, presets, etc).

Auto Backup:

As from Feb 2010, you can now use the Winamp Backup Tool to backup everything (settings, playlists, bookmarks, database, skins, etc)

Manual Backup

i) If you haven't done so already, save your playlist to .m3u (or Unicode .m3u8) via:
Playlist -> List button -> Save
(mainly applicable to people who use one single large playlist all the time).
And do NOT save it to the Winamp folder.

ii) Close Winamp

iii) Navigate to the Winamp settings folder via 'My Computer'
Usually %AppData%\Winamp (for multi-user setups / more info)
Or: C:\Program Files\Winamp (for old 'shared' setups on upgrades)

Here is the list of files that some people might want to backup:

* The bookmark list =
* Any saved EQ presets = winamp.Q1 winamp.Q2 & .EQF files
* The remote cddb database = Plugins\Gracenote\cddb.db
* The local cddb database = Plugins\cddiscs.dat & cddiscs.idx
* (pre 5.31: Plugins\in_cdda.cdb | 5.31-5.35: cdinfo.db3)
* The Playlist Generator database: Plugins\Gracenote\cddbplm.pdb & cddbplm.idx
* The skins in the Skins dir (.wsz or .wal files)

Don't backup the Plugins dir, not unless you know for sure there's one or more rare / hard to find plugins or avs presets in there. In which case, just backup the plugins & presets of your choice, not the whole folder.
Naturally, you should still have copies of the setup files for any 3rd-party plugins you've downloaded, so you can always use these to reinstall 3rd-party plugins later.

Winamp 2.9x and 5.x users will also lose all Library data by using the uninstall procedure outlined below.

You can also backup:
* The ML config file, gen_ml.ini (Winamp\Plugins dir)
* The "Winamp\Plugins\ml" dir
(main Local Media database files = main.dat & main.idx, stored ML Playlists = playlists.xml & the m3u/m3u8 files, History = recent.dat/idx, podcasts = feeds.xml & rss.xml), but please try the default (re)installation before adding any backups.

Note: Winamp 5.55 (or later) users can use the included "Database Import/Export" plugin (ml_impex.dll) to export the local media library database to xml and re-import it after a clean installation (Media Library -> Library button -> Import/Export Database).

Tips on backing up ratings can be found here

* Note: If you selected "separate settings per user" in the 5.2-5.35 installer options (as opposed to the default "shared settings for all users" option) then settings files, bookmarks, saved eq presets, and the library database will be located in your %AppData%\Winamp folder instead.

%AppData% is a hidden folder by default, so you may need to make sure you can view hidden files & folders first via: Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View tab.

%AppData%\Winamp is usually found at "C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Winamp" (Win2k/XP), or "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Winamp" (Vista), though you can just type %AppData%\Winamp into the Windows address bar (or via: Start -> Run) and hit Enter.

In Winamp 5.5 and higher, settings are automatically saved in %AppData%\Winamp
except for on upgrades from previous versions, where 'shared' setups are still respected.

It is strongly recommended to start fresh with clean settings.
You can always change settings back to taste after Winamp 5 is up and running.
But, if you really need to backup any config files, full details can be found here.

2. Uninstall

i) Check to see if you've installed any other 3rd party plugins that also may have created entries in Add/Remove Programs (eg. AlbumList, SqrSft, Powerplayer, etc).
If so, uninstall these before Winamp*

Note: In Winamp 5.5x this also includes the 3 bundled items on the 'Get the Most out of Winamp' page in the Installer Options: Winamp Remote (Orb Networks), Winamp Toolbar (AOL), Emusic Icon & Offer.

ii) Uninstall Winamp via Add/Remove Programs Control Panel

iii) Delete any leftover files, if any still exist:

-Delete the "C:\Program Files\Winamp" dir

-Delete the contents of the %AppData%\Winamp folder (more info).

Note: Winamp 5.5x saves settings here by default, unless you upgraded from an older version where 'shared' setups (settings saved to the Program Files\Winamp folder) are still respected.

Settings will also be in %AppData%\Winamp if you selected "separate settings per user" in the 5.2x-5.35 installer options.

-Delete "C:\Windows\winamp.ini" (v5.1 and earlier, not v5.11 or above)

If you were using Winamp to manage any external usb hard/thumb drives (via the pmp_usb interface) then you can optionally start with a clean slate by going to the root folder of the usb drive in Windows Explorer and deleting pmp_usb.ini and winamp_cache_0001.xml (note, these files are hidden by default, so you will need to make sure you can view hidden files first via: Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View tab).

We do NOT recommend manually editing/removing any keys or strings in the Windows Registry. Winamp itself does not store any info in the Registry, except for the (encrypted) Winamp Pro key (if registered).

The only things written to the registry are by 3rd-party bundled apps such as: Gracenote MusicID/CDDB & Sonic Burning Engine, both of which are auto removed by uninstalling Winamp, and the optional items on the 'Get the Most out of Winamp' page in the Installer: Winamp Remote (Orb Networks), Winamp Toolbar (AOL), Emusic Offer, all 3 of which have separate uninstallers in Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

Anything else stored in the Registry is related to Filetype Associations, all of which are handled by Windows. Although an uninstall takes care of this, you can remove these registry entries without uninstalling by just going to: Winamp > Prefs > File Types, and clicking the "None" button.

iv) Reboot (not essential, but recommended)

3. Reinstall

Install Winamp 5 (preferably the latest version)

Try the default setup at first**

If this works ok, add your backups one by one, closing & reopening Winamp inbetween.

This way, at the first sign of any trouble, you can be sure that the last 3rd party plugin you reinstalled was the cause of all your problems!

Current supported & recommended version = Winamp 5.666


Troubleshooter section:

i) If you experience a freeze-up when trying to run Winamp 5 for the first time,
open Device Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and end process for any running instances of Winamp (winamp.exe), Winamp Agent (winampa.exe), the installer (eg. Winamp5x_Full.exe), and/or Winamp3 (studio.exe / winamp3.exe) and then try to run Winamp 5 again.
Still no joy? Repeat the End Task process and run the installer again.

ii) If the freeze-up occurred before you get to click "Run Winamp" in the final Setup screen (eg. after you fill in your e-mail, select 'connection type' and check/uncheck whether you would like to receive the newsletter),
then open Winamp.ini in Notepad and change these two lines to read:


ie. change the two values to zero (instead of 1)

End Task for all Winamp processes (see above)
save winamp.ini
and now try to run Winamp again.

iii) Sometimes a freezeup can occur if you had a large playlist loaded in Winamp prior to installing the newest version, and where you've got "read metadata on load" selected in Prefs > Titles, but for some reason the metadata (#EXTINF) wasn't saved on the previous winamp exit (so what actually happens is that Winamp is trying to read the metadata on load for potentially thousands of files). If this is the case, then go to the Winamp folder (or %appdata%\winamp folder for separate user profiles), open winamp.m3u in Notepad, and delete all the contents after the first line:


You can keep one entry in after this line if you wish, which will make winamp load with at least one entry in the playlist, eg.

#EXTINF:409,Hawkwind - Levitation - 02 - Motorway City (mp3)
D:\Music\Downloads\Hawkwind\misc\Hawkwind - Motorway City.mp3

Note that this will also mean that you will lose your entire playlist, so for future reference, be sure to back up winamp.m3u regularly. You can then replace it with the backed-up version, even during the apparent freeze-up status on winamp load.

Also note that this was probably a bug in older versions of Winamp that has since been fixed as from 5.3x

iv) Note: If you installed Sonic CD Burning/Ripping Support, it is strongly recommended that you reboot after installation and before using Winamp. We also advise closing down all running programs before installation, especially any other Sonic Products such as MyDVD, RecordNow, etc. and MS Digital Photo Studio.

If you DO have any of those products installed, then it may be a good idea to uncheck support for Sonic CD Ripping & Burning in the Winamp installer setup.
Even more so if you have other burning software installed, especially Roxio.
(note, there are no known conflicts/issues with Nero)

Worth noting: the above Sonic Engine conflict/issue is fixed as from Winamp 5.34


** Naturally, you can change/uncheck the settings in the setup screens, eg.
Input Screen 1: Uncheck any unrequired components/features/plugins.
Input Screen 2: Uncheck "Associate with files/CD's", "maintain associations", "create shortcuts", etc, if you so wish.

See here for a detailed list of Winamp 5.x Full/Pro installer components.


Legacy Support for 2.8x and earlier:

* Winamp 2.77 and earlier
If you installed support for it, first uninstall MJuice Components.
There will be an entry in Add/Remove Programs for this.
If relevant, you can also delete the "C:\Program Files\MJuice" dir if it's still there after uninstallation.
Note: if you have some MJF files, then you might want to keep this instead.

After reinstalling, we also recommend that you install this official patch:
Winamp 2x Update (v2.8x only)
(Updates both out_wave & out_ds plugins to Peter's latest versions, also updates in_midi.dll | in_wave.dll | in_vorbis.dll)
Further details: (READ THIS FIRST)

2.9x users should NOT install the wa2update patch.
It is intended for 2.8x installations only.

All older versions of Winamp 2.x are available from: |


Legacy Support for Winamp3 v1.0:

1. Backup

i) In Winamp3, go to Playlist -> Playlist button -> Save...
and save your playlist(s) to M3U files. You can change it to this instead of the default B4S via the drop-down menu*

ii) Go to: Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> System -> Media
Click the "select none" button.
This will make sure Winamp3 is no longer associated with any filetypes.

iii) Close Prefs and exit Winamp3

iv) If you saved any playlist or mp3 files in the Winamp3 dir

then move them out of there now!
Move them to a new folder, eg. C:\Music
and leave them there.
Do NOT store personal data files in Program folders.

Playlist paths are relative paths, so if you keep the same parent & sub folder structure, then the playlists will still work.

If relevant, also backup the bookmarks file.
This is in the main Winamp3 dir.

2. Uninstall

i) If relevant, uninstall any extra/3rd party components first (eg. Plugin Mgr)
ii) Uninstall Winamp3 via Add/Remove Programs Control Panel
iii) Delete the Winamp3 folder

* If you already saved heaps of playlists to B4S and don't want to re-save them all to M3U, then you can use the Library Import/Export Manager plugin to import all B4S playlists after Winamp 5.x is installed.

Update: B4S playlists are now supported by default as from Winamp 5.22 and above

3. Install Winamp 5.x

Install Winamp 5.x

either to the default C:\Program Files\Winamp dir (recommended)
or to a NEW folder of your choice (eg. C:\Winamp or X:\Music\Winamp5)

Note: You do not have to uninstall Winamp3 in order to use Winamp 5.0.

Winamp (0.x, 1.x, 2.x, 5.x) and Winamp3 (Wasabi.Player) are two entirely different products, and both can quite happily co-exist on the same system.
The only known issues are that you might experience a problem if trying to run the Agent (winampa.exe) for both players at the same time (where it might only control one player, not the other), and Winamp3 will keep stealing WAL association (Modern Skins).

Winamp3 v1.0 is still available at
Winamp3 internal developer builds are available here (dead).
Latest Wasabi.Player builds are available here

Unlike Winamp, you must NOT install Winamp3/Wasabi.Player on top of any previous build. Either use the backup/uninstall procedure above first, or install to a new dir.

And most importantly, DO NOT install Winamp 5.x to the same folder where Winamp3 was installed. You can install Winamp 5.x straight on top of Winamp 2.x, but not on top of Winamp3.

Winamp3 v1.0 Support Forums (read-only for legacy support)



Information required when posting

Confirm that the problem persists after a clean install with NO extra 3rd-party plugins.

If the problem persists, report back in the forums, confirming you've carried out all instructions in this post & we'll take things from there.

Please include all relevant Winamp & System specs, including:
- A List of Plugins (*click* for full details) <-- this is the most important log!
- PC or Motherboard make/model
- Sound card or chip
- Videocard
- Windows OS (including Service Pack, eg. WinXP sp2)
- DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag)
- Winamp version (eg. 5.666)
- Confirmation of the Winamp installation type (Pro, Full, Bundle, Lite)
- We will also need further information for any video playback issues

If relevant, also attach a HijackThis log (alt download)
to show all concurrently running processes and startup items.
Instructions for attaching the HJT log to your post can be found below.
Make sure you've got HJT v2.0.2 or newer (logs from older versions are useless).
Further HJT instructions & alt download sites: (1) | (2).

Please also include full details of any error messages
eg. in WinXP Error message, you'll see it say something like:
"To see what data this report contains, click here"
which will then reveal the following required information:
AppName: Winamp.exe | AppVer: ? | ModName: ? | ModVer: ? | Offset: ?

Also include any other information relevant to the problem at hand, eg.
- internet connection type/speed (if related to playing streams)
- filetypes played when the problem occurs (mp3, m4a, wma, ogg, etc)
- internet browser+version
- firewall details (if related to any internet/online features)
- cd-rom drive make/model (if related to playing/ripping/burning cd's)
- portable player make/model (if related to pmp management/transfers/syncs)
- a link to a zipped sample file which causes the problem
..(if the file is too big to attach, upload it to one of,,, or
- a link to a specific stream url which causes the problem

Video playback Issues
- As from 5.57+ we first need to know whether you are a Winamp Pro registered user or not.
- For all problems with video playback we will need to see a DirectX Diagnostic log.
Start > Run > dxdiag > ok > save all information. The dxdiag.txt file can go inside the same zip as the HijackThis and/or "List of Plugins" log files (if either are required, see above/below), and should be attached as directed below.
- Be sure to tell us what the file extension of the video is, eg. .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .flv, etc.
- Also provide further info about the video you are trying to play c/o MediaInfo.
Load the problem video into MediaInfo, then go to: File > Export > Text tab, checkmark 'advanced mode', click OK to Export. Include the exported .txt MediaInfo log file in your post/attachment.
- If you are a non-Pro user and/or the filetype is one handled by the DirectShow Decoder (in_dshow), as opposed to in_avi, in_mkv, in_flv or in_wm, also tell us what Audio & Video DirectShow Filters Winamp says it's using
(via: right-click > View File Info, or just Alt+3) when you try to play one of the problem video files.
In most cases for DirectShow formats, installing the latest 32-bit SSE version of FFDShow
will provide system-wide support for video formats such as DivX, XviD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, AVC/H.264, etc.
Note that Pro users will have native support for all of the above (except for mpeg-2).
H.263 video & AC3 audio support is provided via extra decoders available in the Winamp Essentials pack
(these 2 decoders will work for both Pro and non-Pro users, with in_avi, in_mkv, in_mp4 & in_flv, but not with in_dshow).
More help for DirectShow (in_dshow) formats (eg. .mpg, .mov, .rmvb, .ogv, .mkv) can be found here.

Winamp Info Report / List of Plug-ins
In most if not all cases, also providing a list of settings and all plugins installed can help us to diagnose many problems.

You can use Koopa's Winamp Info Tool to generate a list of plugins and settings.

1. Download and run the tool
(Note it's an executable (program), not an installer.)
2. Make sure that 'Create a Full Winamp Info Report' is selected and press 'Create Report'
(Both should be checked by default)
3. Make sure that 'Open report directory' is checked on next page and press the 'Close the tool' button
(You can also make a small donation if you want)
4. Attach the generated .zip file to your post.

Additional Info Required:

Also confirm whether you are setting up Winamp 5.666 (the only supported version) on an administrator account, or on a limited user profile. And, as from v5.2, whether you selected "shared settings for all users" or "separate settings per user" in the Multi-User Settings screen of the installer options {Update: 5.5x relevant info here}

Use your initiative, and try your best to supply us with all information (as referenced above) that you feel to be relevant to your specific case. The more info you provide, the better chance you have of getting a speedier accurate reply.

Excluding this information may result in you being ignored.


Instructions for attaching the HijackThis and/or dxdiag log(s) to your post:

Please attach the log and don't post it directly into the thread.

Start HijackThis.exe, click "Do a system scan and save a log file", change the extension from .log to .txt (ie. save it as hijackthis.txt, not hijackthis.log) and attach the log to your post via the "Post a Reply" button in your thread (or via "Post a New Topic" if starting a brand new thread for a new topic).

Don't try to fix anything with HJT unless you're absolutely sure what it is!
(ie. until an expert here tells you exactly what to fix after they've seen the log).
Most of the entries in the log will be harmless or even essential/required.

If you are also including a dxdiag log and InfoTool log, then zip up all 3 files into one .zip and attach the .zip to your post.

Note: We always recommend that you start a NEW thread, instead of hijacking others or reviving old threads. But by all means you can post links in your new thread to other similar threads which outline your problem.

Compiled, maintained and updated for Winamp 5.x by DJ Egg
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