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FAQ: Troubleshooters - Common Issues

Note: Many of these issues relate to older versions of Winamp

No sound, skippy/choppy/crackly playback, high VM usage, etc.

Multi-speaker output / surround sound support

Gapless Playback

Built-in crossfader issues

Short tracks (less than 1 second long) don't play

Winamp keeps turning my volume up/down:

Volume in Winamp is quieter than other programs

Static/whitenoise when pausing & unpausing with Soundmax onboard sound chip

Sound changes from multi-speaker to stereo on seek or pause/resume with Audigy 2 ZS

Winamp keeps making itself the default player

Invalid Registration Key when trying to register Winamp Pro

I need to contact Winamp Pro Support!

Winamp Installer: There was a problem installing components. CD Ripping/Burning may not function properly.. '-1' (continued)

System freeze on Win7 with "Send To" menu when using virtual CD drives (UltraISO/Virtual Clonedrive/Alcohol/Daemon Tools)

"DirectX files missing" error message during setup

Problems with Milkdrop 2.23? (v2.2 still available)

Winamp -> Prefs -> File Types not working under Windows Vista

Can't associate m3u and/or pls with Winamp 5.5x under Windows Vista

UAC prompt at every Winamp startup

3rd-party gen_lyrics.dll plugin not compatible with Winamp 5.6x

Chipamp, gen_mp3cue and other old 3rd-party plugins cause DEP or no-load issues with Winamp 5.6+

Active playlist (winamp.m3u8) wiped after restarting Winamp 5.57x (MP3 Bundle installer bug)

Downloaded Skins not saving/opening with Winamp 5.53 under Windows Vista sp1

Grey/blank Local Media views in Media Library

Can't click on Audio view or songs in Local Media views (scaling issue with high DPI settings)

Drag+drop from Explorer to Winamp not working

Open Files dialog appears when double-clicking in playlist (Babylon 8 related)

Windows (main, ml, pl, etc) disappearing off screen:

Winamp won't recognize my iPod Nano 5/6g, Touch or iPhone model

Entry Point Not Found: The procedure entry point IsThreadDesktopComposited could not be located in user32.dll

WinXP: The procedure entry point _except_handler4_common could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll (Solution #3)

Procedure entry point ?ndestring_release@@YAXPA_W@Z could not be located in nde.dll (5.57-specific)

Procedure entry point SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll

Application failed to start because nscrt.dll was not found

Application failed to start because msvcr90.dll was not found (caused by presence of old winamp.exe.manifest file)

Error: Instruction referenced memory.... The memory could not be read

Playlist Generator failed to initialize

I didn't uncheck Winamp Toolbar & Search in the Installer Options -> Get the Most out of Winamp. How to get rid of them?

How to make Winamp store config in installation dir? (not in %appdata% or registry)

Poor quality WMV playback in 5.571 (related to old drivers for old onboard video chips)

SHOUTcast TV streams or videos play upside-down

All desktop/startmenu/etc icons are blank/transparent after installing 5.5

How to setup an Album Art view in the Media Library

More info about Album Art (criteria / naming / downloading / etc)

Setting album art for compilations so it all shows as one album

How to enable large Album Art view under the Playlist in the Bento skin

Winamp shows wrong Album Art (due to WMP11 saving hidden/system folder.jpg files)

Squares instead of stars for Ratings in v5.58

Winamp crashes when connecting a MTP/P4S portable device if WMP11 is installed

How to stop Winamp from managing external usb hard drives

Installing Winamp 5.5+ to a usb stick/pen/flash drive

Help with Advanced Title Formatting (ATF)

More info about Replay Gain

More info about creating 5.5x Language Packs

MP3's play at double speed, distorted, or no longer play at all (malware related)

Plays mp3's for a few seconds, then stops ( spyware related)

WinXP sp2 / IE6 sp2 download issues:Audioscrobbler (standalone) plugin crashes Winamp under WinXP SP2 (user32.dll):
Search | Get fixed v1.18 here

Flash banner or popup ads in Media Library (Dashboard, Now Playing, Online Services)

Script/Runtime Errors with Online Services / SC Wire

Script/Runtime Errors in Now Playing, Show Info, Dashboard

Shoutcast Internet TV/Radio or Winamp Music etc views not visible in 5.2x-5.3x?

Online Services could not load. Please post an angry message on the forums

Problems with In2TV streams (5.22 Online Services)

How to disable the shoutcast/xm radio browser popups in 5.1
(5.11x and later = Prefs > Station Info: Uncheck "show info on station tune-in")

404 Error under Vista when trying to subscribe to Podcast RSS feeds

Shoutcast streams cutting out after using a TCP Optimizer

Crash when switching Shoutcast Stations (Station Info / Ad Muncher related)

Adding extra channels to Online Services (eg. Live365)

How do I delete the url history in Bento browser?

How do I change the font for songticker, info pane, and tabs in the Bento skin?

How to change the 5.2+ classic playlist windowshade text back to how it was in 5.13

How do I change the icons for a smart view in 5.2x media library?

Winamp Filetype icon is always blank (default Windows icon)

My Media Library tree or top Album/Artist panes disappeared. How do I get them back?

msvcp71.dll not found (5.34 build 1273 specific error)

Crash in db.w5s when loading CDs / reading CDDB (5.3-5.34 specific)

Tracklength not showing in playlist for some mp3's in 5.3-5.34

Blank space on right-side of media library (5.2-5.21-specific)

BSoD / Reboot with new Enhanced VIA IDE Accelerator Driver

Issues with re-tagging .m4a files encoded by iTunes (pre 5.094 bug)

WMA related issues (mainly v5.0 to 5.02) (5.03 tracklength bug) | (fix) (5.03 wmvcore crash) | (fix) ("[opening]" issue)

B4S, ASX, WAX, WPL, mms:// Streams & Real Player RA/RM/SMIL Support

How to make Winamp 5.2x the default mms:// protocol handler

Settings not being saved on Winamp close/restart

Always On Top is not Always On Top?

Videos display incorrectly after updating Nvidia drivers

Videos play upside-down (roxio decoder related)

Short audio clips do not play

Plug-in executed Illegal operation error with Milkdrop under Athlon 64 NX

Classic playlist window is always maximized (pre 5.03 bug) (tempfix)

"Gracenote tools not installed" error when trying to use Autotag feature with Winamp Lite

Problem switching off proxy for Gracenote CDDB/autotag feature

"Play with Winamp" doesn't appear when inserting CDs in WinXP

CDDB Tutorial

CD Ripping Tutorial

Error ripping track #1: Can't Open/Find Decoder. Aborting

Error ripping track #1: Cannot Open Encoder. Aborting

Error ripping track #1: Can't open destination file

Crash (kernel32.dll) when playing Audio CDs under Win9x/ME

Sonic Burning/Ripping Engine errors/problems (px.dll - ordinal errors) (px.dll - ordinal errors) (px.dll - ordinal 373 / 422 error) (playback stops, timer 0:00) (ripping: no mp3's created)

Slow ripping speeds with lame_enc.dll v3.96 on lower end systems.
Downgrade to lame_enc.dll v3.90.3 or upgrade (recommended) to 3.99 instead
(with winamp closed, unzip lame_enc.dll only to the Winamp\Plugins dir) | More info

Winamp Equalizer not Responding (Win98SE)

General settings plus Media Library database & playlists lost when upgrading to 5.2 and selecting the new multi-user option in the installer:

Limited Multi-User profile issues (pre v5.2 only) [new Multiuser plugin] (tutorial)

Multi-user admin profile issues (pre v5.2 only)

Unicode characters not showing in Modern skin main window (5.25/5.3+)

Unicode characters not showing in Playlist window or Classic skin (5.25/5.3+)

Help with displaying alternate fonts / international characters (5.24 and earlier)

Displaying international characters / languages / unicode issues (all old):

Other (hard/software) players don't show Winamp's ID3v2 tags properly

Problems with German language pack under 5.11/5.12 +

Error initializing database (gen_ml.dll / corrupt media library database)

Entry point not found - DRMClien.dll

Assertion Failed Error (pre 5.02 - arial.ttf)

Freeze-up / slow startup issues: (General issues) (Sonic Engine related) (Sonic Engine related) (General/Sonic) (General) (Ca eTrust AV related)

Winamp caused an error in module gen_ff.dll (Litestep related)

Winamp.exe application failed to initialize properly

Winamp disappears from Explorer context menus after installing Power/Magic ISO

Conflict with HP Credential Manager and Jump to File function:

I keep getting a "Can't access registry information" error message (Enhancer plugin error)

Winamp always seeks the floppy A: drive on track change (Last.FM client related)

Slow response after closing Prefs dialog (AVG scanning winamp.ini)

Media Library Playlists slow/sluggish behaviour (also caused by AVG)

Winamp closing when accessing modern skin menus (caused by Spyware Doctor)

Modern skin Prefs & other dialogs not appearing when using Matrox PDesk

Modern Skin Color Theme pack crashes 5.02 (gen_ff.dll)

Winamp 5.05 breaks Open Source Notifier cover art

Instant crashes

winamp.ini file for dummies (by jmatthews112)

winamp.ini, studio.xnf, gen_ml.ini, reg entries, backups etc (.bat file)

Backing-up Media Library database/ratings/playcounts:

Backing-up the Media Library local media database

iTunes database import/export plugin

iTunes SongList to M3U Playlist Converter

MP3 and other streams always open in QuickTime browser plugin

Problems with 'All Supported Filetypes' in Open File Dialog
(eg. it either shows all/no extensions, or some supported types are missing)

Internet Explorer Script Error with Now Playing

Can't connect to SC Radio (Too many listeners/requests. Try again tomorrow)

Issues with Microsoft ISA Server/Firewall

Streaming media issues with TCP/IP Optimizer

General Issues with Shoutcast Radio/TV streams (Internet Radio) (McAfee Privacy Service) (McAfee Privacy Service) (No pics with Videos/TV)

Winamp Video disappeared in 'Media Library > Online Media' (v5.13 or earlier):

Video window not auto-resizing

MPEG-2 videos not playing under Win7 x64

ML database not updating after using an external tagger

Media Library delay issue in 5.02 and 5.03 (includes fix)

Notifications not fading in/out (5.02/5.03 bug)

Guide to "sidegrading" from Winamp3 to Winamp 5

Concerned about upgrading from 2.x to 5.x?

Winamp3-style enqueue/dequeue, multiple playlists, sidecar etc

MM Kybd fixes/plugins (including RMX and Hotkeys, for pre v5.03) (v5.03)

Logitech iTouch keyboard issues/fixes (%1 playlists) (%1 playlists) (%1 playlists)

Keyboard Shortcuts (z,x,c,v,b) not working with nView enabled

How to disable the Notifier pop-up in Winamp Modern skin

Tips and tweaks: fine tuning Winamp 5 (Like The Wind mirrors)

Most requested features/plugins etc

Winamp API / Command Line Options

Running multiple instances of Winamp

Official Wishlist

Known Bugs

Winamp 5.0x Component List (full list/details of Winamp installation options)

Where can I find an older version of Winamp?

Further info/tips
JonnyMac's "Newbie" Winamp Guide
Techspot Winamp Tweak Guide
WinampUnlimited Tweak Guide
EdgeOfEpsilon's FAQ
Kalphegor's Winamp 5 site
TSGH -> Useful Links

If the problems persist, please supply all relevant system specs with your post.
Including this information will result in a much speedier and more accurate reply.
Excluding this information could result in your post being totally ignored.

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