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Well that's your problem then. It's being downloaded and saved by the Internet Explorer browser as and not mozart.wsz, and Winamp has no idea what an .sz file is. There is no such animal. Close Winamp. Browse to your skins folder and rename any classic skins that erroneously downloaded with an .sz extension to a .wsz extension. Reopen Winamp again. Winamp will now see the skins and they'll be selectable.

Look... you should really stop using the Internet Explorer browser. It's BUGGY - plain and simple.

Again, I'll reference part of my post in that initial thread I linked to...
The thing to do to avoid all this is to completely stop using the slow, sluggish and buggy Internet Explorer browser and to instead download and start using a "real" browser - Mozilla Firefox. You'll never experience IE browser download problems again if instead you use Firefox with it's intuitive built-in download manager, and you'll also have a speedy, full-featured browser that will make browsing more efficient than ever before. I use Firefox and everyone I speak to who tries it will never ever even consider touching the problem-prone Internet Explorer browser again.
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