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Equalizer settings depends on the user and on the sound system you have for your computer. What Mr. XYZ likes for a rap EQ preset, may not be to your tastes. So, try making your own custom rap presets (from the EQ Guide).

The only EQ presets to download that I am aware are mp3d: MP3Dimension. There are no rap presets in that set.

The MP3Dimension EQ presets install will replace the existing EQ presets file (Winamp.q1), so would I suggest backuping the original by renaming it or copying it to another folder. The presets file (Winamp.q1) is located in the Winamp folder/directory. If you can not see the file extensions (.q1)...

Configuring Windows To Show Extensions

[edit > JonnyMac] Update: If you have multi-user setup for Winamp 5.2[i]x[i] or 5.3x the EQ setting file (*.q1 | *.q2) may be located in C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Winamp. The Application Data folder is hidden by default, so you may need to checkmark "show hidden files/folders" in: Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab [/edit]

For users of Winamp 5.5x and higher see this.

[edit2 > JonnyMac] Update 2: The mp3d site referenced above is no longer available. Hopefully there will be an updated site (?) soon. [/edit2]

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