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Originally posted by Omega X
As far as I'm concerned, tables are fair play. Phuck Web standards project. Interoperability overweights some silly standards group.
I officially hate you.

I'd like to point out that web standards are why interoperability exists at all. People like you are exactly why IE doesn't support standards, and why people like me have to work so hard to get websites which work with IE, and why there is any problem with interoperability in the first place.


Oh, and:
Originally posted by Mattress
Here's a tip for getting stuff to work pretty similarly across browsers. Use tables for layout. Sure it sucks because you're not supposed to use tables for layout, but when it comes down to a choice between what actually works and 'the propery way' of writing html code. I'll take what works. Sorry web standards project...
I officially hate you, too. For the same reasons.

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