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Originally posted by Mattress
At least I use proper markup. Sorry if I use tables for layout. What's the big difference really? It's either messy HTML or messy CSS. The mess still exists, we just moved it to a different room of the house.
Well, when the mess is in the CSS, browsers which don't (or can't, due to limitations of the device they're on) understand CSS can still appropriately display the page, because you've removed the design from the content.

Originally posted by InvisableMan
When I'm working on a website, I code out what works, with no regard for standards, since as we all know, no mainstream browser really follows the standards anyways, so why should I take the effort to do so as well when it won't even work right?
It can work right, and Opera and Firefox and Safari and ... (well, any browser but IE) supports the standards pretty well.

Originally posted by Omega X
You never did like me, so why should I care now...
Because now I have a good reason to dislike you.

Originally posted by PulseDriver
Is this true? When I use the float value on text towards the psuedo element:first-letter single character words like I and A will have the text floating all the way upon it, even if there is a regular space (not forced) placed after it. I hate have to adding (&)nbsp; after all articles I start with either I or A.
I don't understand what you're saying. Do you have an example of XHTML/CSS?[/edit]

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