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Originally posted by Mattress
eh, not exactly. here's my friend's site without the stylesheet
That's almost what your friend's site looks like without CSS, except for the style attributes embedded into the HTML. Notice how readable and usable (if not pretty) it is. Also notice how the non-content images are embedded into the HTML with <img> tags...

See the attachment for what it would really look like (if properly designed, and without the style attributes).

Originally posted by Mattress
I'd be willing to wager that most browsers on wireless devices (phones, palm pilots, etc..) do understand stylesheets. What are some of the mobile devices that understand html but not css, anyone?
Pocket IE 2003 (for example) understands some CSS, yes. Which is a good reason to use it, not to avoid using it!

Try surfing around with this thing for a while:

Or this:

Originally posted by Omega X
And that means what really? Including hating me out of spite, you hate me also because Interoperability is wrong in your eyes?
First, why do you assume that I hated you before? I just didn't like you.

Second, interoperability is exactly why I write in XHTML/CSS, instead of the very broken idea of using tables.

Originally posted by Omega X
I can write compliant XHTML until the cows come home, but I still have to hack and alter for Microsoft's junk.
Yes, that's true.

Originally posted by PulseDriver
I used & nbsp; char delimiter in the second example, not in the first.
Yes, I saw that. But what's the problem?
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