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Thanks for the link, but the app problem is trickier than that, as certain features need to tie in to the underlying graphics system, and for some reason, they don't work quite correctly with Glass.

I'm sure the problem can be solved, but as we're trying to finish our release candidate by tomorrow, there's no time to break the underlying system. For the moment, the workaround will have to do. We'll solve the Vista issues in the next release when we have more time.

Just to be clear, I'm looking for a way to modify the app's compatibility from the installer. (The problem is *NOT* that the installer has issues with Glass.) I've found one way, which is really, er, a kludge; it involves setting an special environment variable that causes any apps run to work in XP compatibility mode. (I didn't even know that Windows cared about what's in environment variables!) For the curious, you can read about it here:

But I would prefer a way that only affects my own app. I'm hoping that someone in this forum knows a way to modify an app's compatibility properties, either via plugin or by executing a command-line utility.

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