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Winamp Essentials Pack v5.34

Download | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3


* New: [Installer] full translation support
* New: [Installer] Polish translation by Pawel Porwisz,
* New: [Installer] Russian translation by BoyNG,
* New: [Installer] Spanish translation by Manufco - Manuel Fernando Gutiérrez
* New: [Installer] French translation by pimousse38,
* New: [Installer] Turkish translation by Mertcan Kaya
* New: [Installer] German translation
* New: [Installer] Italian translation by MaXeLL
* New: [Installer] new installer graphic. Woot!!
* Improved: [Installer] reworked internal sections descriptions system to be more flexible
* Improved: [Installer] moved Components page after Directory page
* Improved: [Installer] previous mode handling between multiple installs (Thanks DrO)
* Improved: [Installer] changed design of checkboxes
* Improved: [Installer] forced installer to show a Winamp icon in Windows Add/Remove Software menu
* Improved: [Installer] added additional infos to Windows Add/Remove Software menu
* Improved: [Installer] license file installation
* Fixed: [Installer] uninstaller not removing ml_lite_n.dll (Oops)
* Updated: Lite-n Winamp Preferences to v1.3a
* Updated: Playlist Undo to v0.5.4
* Updated: Skins in a Submenu to v1.8
* Updated: ml_lite-n to v1.0a
* Updated: Predixis/MusicIP Removal Tool to v1.5
* Updated: [Installer] to NSIS 2.25
* Unchanged: ALAC Decoder
* Unchanged: Find File On Disk v1.5


1. All plug-ins, which are bundled in this pack are compatible with Winamp 5.34. They won't break Unicode in the taskbar.

Visit DrO's site for more information:

2. The installer is now translatable, I'm still looking for translations, if you can translate the installer in your language, take a look at this thread:

Looking for Essentials Pack translations


(i'm gonna confuse it all with this showing as my post, heh - DrO)
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