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DJ Egg: i'll have to see if i can keep that crown for the rest of the day

jmbattle: i'd prefer to see improvements to Winamp and not WinAMP (since that's an ancient bit of code now ). but yeah, to get more of newer things working, higher base specs are going to be required - is the same with anything like how due to the unicode changes, winamp won't run on win95/nt4 since those just don't support all of the api's needed for valid unicode support in the way that winamp's been coded.

as well, trying to support the win9x group of OSes is a nightmare at the best of times (personally i've just about given up any win9x testing now since it's too much hassle - tho xp gives more than enough issues at times, heh)

i can understand why people will use older OSes, like how i use win2k as my main OS still (though comes in useful for version testing, etc by using something different from others) but in those cases it's time to admit that you can't run the latest of things and have to make that compromise (i know it's possible to get custom winamp installs made from new+older versions but that's a nightmare to control and ensure it's all version checked right)

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