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Originally posted by will
I still think you're wrong. Win98 is a disgusting operating system that should under no circumstances be used in a world where we have real operating systems.

If you like going "under the hood" get linux. If you want to run winamp, get 2k/XP/Vista.
Whatever, Will... What do you run? What issues do you have?
(As there is no -perfect- OS!)

I would agree with you that the original Win98 is terrible and that ME is buggy piece of garbage.

But Win98SE is a gem!

I might setup a 2K PC for testing and I will be setting up a Linux box soon, but XP is as bloated as it is buggy (SP2 is almost a complete OS install)! Do you know that every time there is a lightning storm, I am doing a 'System Restore' with my fingers crossed on 2-3 PC's that stop booting at my office?!

And Vista?! You've got to be joking: $300 for an OS that *requires* a 2.5GHz+ Dual Core processor, 1GB RAM, 25GB HD space to install and a $200 graphics adapter JUST TO RUN can't possibly be good for anyone but Wintel... and there are so many pieces of hardware that -don't- work!!!

I have had no issues with Winamp prior to 5.35; just get the 'kinks' out... and stop judging others based on whatever OS they chose to run.
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