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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Hmm, we can't reproduce the video problem under Vista.
Fullscreen playback works fine with both gdi+ and overlay methods.

Is Aero enabled/disabled?

Are you using any extra 3rd-party plugins, or was this a clean install of 5.35 with no 3rd-party plugins?

What are your Advanced settings in Winamp > Prefs > Video?
Are all the overlay and synchronize settings checked (recommended!)?

Got the correct and latest vista-compatible video & audio drivers?

Checked your DirectShow Filters? (the most likely culprit)

For Vista, we recommend using the latest ffdshow tryouts
for decoding all of divx, xvid, h263/4, mpeg2, etc.
tried disabling aero, fiddling with video options, i just did a clean install of vista last night, all drivers up to date, latest ffdshow, clean install of 5.35. still no luck.
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