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You fixed the songticker lag - yey..
You fixed the classic songticker thing (and we can also drag it ) - yey

But you did not fix the modern skin songticker spacing (when using "Modern style")..
If you look at it, it is more space on the right side, than it on the left side... Try to adjust that (with, or without my numbers..)

My file is something like this but this works only when leftpadding and rightpadding is set to 0...
So, if you are going to use these numbers, paddings have to be on 0 (or something like that)..
Also, look at the blending on the ends, it may change when setting the paddings to 0... Look at it..
You can try to adjust the text spacing, and the blendings...

<!-- Songticker -->
x="10" y="45"
w="-18" h="21"

x="10" y="45"
w="-18" h="21"

Keep up the good work..
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