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Did you maybe have an older version of the EP installed prior to that?

The tooltips are fixed for Preview 2 (now says 'Close Window')
Alas, usage of the Esc key hasn't been implemented though.

AlbumArt doesn't work for streams. It's a local files only thing.

Yes, I'm seeing the same behaviour
('Wow', I hear you say, 'He reproduced one of my bugs, at last!')
After checking or unchecking 'ML uses same font as playlist', the font in the ml panes doesn't auto update (but does in the ml tree).
I can get the font in the ml panes to change by going to Prefs > Playlist and adjusting the font size and back again.


Dang! DrO says he can't repro and it all works fine for him. Maybe it's some plugin to blame then. I really aren't sure.

Funnily enough, DrO says he sees the brief flash of bold text thing (the issue in your 2nd post), whereas I don't. Funny old world, isn't it?!

Hmm. I'm not sure what's going on there at all. One for Will, perhaps?

Cool. Even though I had CuePlayer installed all the way through 5.36 beta & 5.5 preview 1 stages, and didn't notice any problems. Then again, I probably didn't use it much either, heh.
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