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First, do you realize that you just replied to a thread that was last posted to 3 years ago?

Regardless, the files you listed above are valid "skin" files and are located within the skin's "container"... basically a compressed file, similar to a ZIP file, but with a .wal extension for modern skins, or a .wsz extension for classic skins.

Please provide the exact URL to where you obtained this "Windows Live WinAmp" skin from. I found no such named or similarly named skin in the skins database. So, where did you get this skin? Please provide a working link.

I'll also quote myself from my 3-year old post above, since it still applies...
Originally posted by Nunzio390
Skins Explanation...

Skins downloaded from are of 2 types - Classic (files with a .wsz extension), and Modern (files with a .wal extension). They are both compressed formats but are not to be unarchived (unzipped), and there is no "installation" required. Just download a skin and place it directly within your \Winamp\Skins folder on your hard drive. Next time you start Winamp, that/those skins will be selectable.

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