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Winamp 5.5 Beta Preview 3 (Build 1600) to 5.5 Final (Build 1640) Changelog

* = 5.36/5.5 beta-specific issues

-New: Fully translatable Localization support

-New: WLZ (Winamp Language Zip) filetype support

-New: [vis_milk2] Milkdrop2 Visualizer

-New: Option to not show the playlist number in the Windows taskbar

-New: %family% ATF string for identifying filetypes (eg. %family% on MP3 returns "MPEG Layer 3 Audio File")

-New: $split() ATF function, used mainly for splitting disc & track strings. Examples: [$num(%track%,2)$IfStrNotEqual($split(%track%,/,1),,/$num($split(%track%,/,1),2))]
If %track% is 5/9, $split(%track%,/,0) returns "5", $split(%track%,/,1) returns "9".
If %track% is 5, $split(%track%,/,0) returns "5", $split(%track%,/,1) returns nothing.

-Improved: Album Art: Delete art working in Alt+3 for external images (note, not working for embedded art until next release), Embedded art showing in Alt+3, art lookup/download service now ignores brackets at end of album (eg. [EP] etc).*

-Improved: Album Art: %album%.jpg path cleaning. Retrieval service now replaces illegal characters in the Album name by using the same naming convention as cd ripping for saving the cover filename. i.e.
? * | are replaced by _ (underscore)
/ \ : are replaced by - (hyphen)
" is replaced by '
< is replaced by (
> is replaced by )
Album Name: Greatest Hits: Why? = cover filename: Greatest Hits- Why_.jpg
Album Name: Vol. 1: "\Bleh/" <|Blah|> = cover filename: Vol. 1- '-Bleh-' (_Blah_).jpg*

-Re: Using .nfo files for album art lookup
If there's an .nfo file in the same folder as the album files with the exact name as an image file (jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp) then Winamp will see said image, eg. "Pink Floyd - Animals - cover.nfo" & "Pink Floyd - Animals - cover.jpg" (see release notes above for lookup criteria order).

-Improved: General Installer/SetUp tweaks, forced shell icons refresh after save*

-Improved: Localized Installers now available

-Improved: Media Monitor Download Mgr: Add downloaded files to media library, added a progress dialog, changed default download dir to "My Documents\My Music" instead of C:\My Music (config to come later)*

-Improved: [gen_ff] Less memory usage on win32 font renderer

-Improved: [in_mp3] Better differentiation between CBR, ABR and VBR in File Info

-Improved: [in_mp3] Faster ID3v2 writing

-Improved: [ml_autotag] Non-blocking UI, also now writes Gracenote extended data*

-Fixed: Bento skin: mousewheel (vol ctrl) and spacebar (pause) not working in fullscreen video, tabs auto switching/not updating correctly between ml/online services and browser, various other minor tweaks/fixes*

-Fixed: Installer: Setup screen not focused/on top, weird symbols where wrong font was used, Winamp Agent option not working, bugged remote and toolbar downloads*

-Fixed: Gen Prefs page Priority slider clipping*

-Fixed: Potential crash when failing to write to config files if user has no write permissions*

-Fixed: [filereader.w5s] HTTP FileReader crashing on invalid URLs*

-Fixed: [gen_ff] Breakpoint in tataki.dll / Expression: hbmp != NULL.File: win32_canvas.cpp*

-Fixed: [gen_ff] Crash when closing Winamp with Winamp Modern skin windows overlapped*

-Fixed: [gen_ff] Extra components added by some 3rd-party modern skins not appearing in menu*

-Fixed: [gen_ff] Miscellaneous minor tweaks and bug fixes*

-Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Time and Queue# disppearing in pledit when queuing tracks longer than 100mins, and other minor tweaks/fixes

-Fixed: [gen_ml] Crash when some plugin tried to create a skinned scrollbar BEFORE gen_ml loads*

-Fixed: [in_flac] Crash on 0-length files*

-Fixed: [in_mp3] Bitrate being "capped" at 128kbps for prebuffering purposes, which made e.g. 320kbps streams unstable*

-Fixed: [in_mp3] Some cbr files show as vbr in File Info*

-Fixed: [in_mp3] Alt+3 bug where controls being enabled cleared out the metadata*

-Fixed: [in_mp3] Bad SHOUTcast & AOL Radio titles*

-Fixed: [in_mp3] Upgrade ID3v2.2 (and older) tags, but don't downgrade ID3v2.4 tags*

-Fixed: [in_mp3] AlbumArt failing to load for a certain category of ID3v2 tags*

-Fixed: [in_mp3/ml_rg] Year field wiped from ID3v2.4 tag after RG scan/save*

-Fixed: [in_mp3/ml_rg] Calc Replay Gain dialog sometimes showing "processing" instead of percentage*

-Fixed: [ml_autotag] Crash when no internet connection available*

-Fixed: [ml_local] Second divider in 3 pane view resetting position*

-Fixed: [ml_wire] Podcast info browser: text/bg not updating when switching color theme or skin & fixed tabulation

-Fixed: [pmp_ipod] Artwork database buffer overread fix*

-Fixed: [pmp_p4s] fixed for devices with zero width and height in the album art metadata*

-Fixed: [pmp_usb] Causing slow Winamp startup (due to reading of files/metadata on external usb drives in main thread)

-Fixed: [wasabi/in_mp3/LAMEInfo] Minor memory leak & object cleanup fixes*

-Fixed: [wasabi/gen_ff] 'Could not load script' error when switching from some older freeform skins

-Fixed: [wasabi/gen_ff] Alignment for auto-hide taskbar & fullscreen docked modes*

-Misc: [gen_ff] Removed 'Win2000/XP' refs from the alpha blending prefs page

-Misc: Added dynamic uninstall support for in_* and gen_* plugins to match the ml_* support (for plugins that are updated to work with winampUninstallPlugin)

-Misc: Added some community color themes to Bento skin, with more to follow in later releases.

-Misc: Bento skin now available in two sizes. 'Bento' (default) is the original smaller version (from Beta 1 & 2, but fully updated) for lower screen res, and 'Big Bento' is the larger version (from Beta 3) for higher screen res.*

-Misc: Bento skin: Added in check to remove 'Get Pro' menu item for registered Pro users*

-Misc: Changed default scroll value in playlist to "1" (for page up/down keys) with "mousewheel scrolls double the above..." checkmarked by default (Edit to taste in: Prefs > Playlist)*

-Misc: Changed 'Load Artwork' dialog in Alt+3 CoverArt tab to default to containing dir instead of CWD*

-Misc: Changed all c:\ or 'c:\my music' default paths in configs (out_disk, ml_pmp, ml_disc, ml_transcode, media monitor download mgr, etc) to the 'my documents\my music' path (affects clean installs only)

-Misc: Made Local Media\Audio as the default ML view on clean installs

-Misc: Winamp Setup: "Arial Unicode MS" replaced with "Arial", Filetype descriptions updated, fixed focus issue, fixed Winamp Agent option*

-Misc: Removed deprecated .LNG Language file support

-Misc: Removed Station Info window and Prefs page

-Misc: Reverted AVS back to 5.35 vis_avs.dll (fixes some presets not working issue)

-Updated: Bento skin v1.0

-Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v0.99.2
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