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"Clean install, fixed internally"
.. Yeah sure!

I did a clean install and I get the same problems since the ugly beta3 (build 1600).. I hate it... Beta2 (build 1568) worked fine..
The ML problem happens with all modern skins... And the songticker problem happens now too (and in 5.5 final it even happens WHEN pressing the first song in the playlist too.. but when I click another song than #1, the song text shows again)..

After thinking for a while, I got an idea. Do you remember in an earlier beta that there were a problem that people in certain countries got (for example Sweden)?
I THINK MY PROBLEMS IS SOMETHING SIMILAR... IT HAPPENS IN CERTAIN COUNTRIES... I am from Norway, and I think the problem might be country related...
Soulstace, where are you from?

DEVs, FIX IT! Look at the changelog between beta2 (build 1568) and beta3 (build 1600), and see what you fixed. SOMETHING THERE causes my problem..
I want some answers and some fixes

EDIT: Why did you take away the Modern Skin picture on the homepage, and replaced it with Bento? Why not have both?

On that page, there is no option to choose the lite version, but only Full, Bundle and Pro.. The Lite should also be there... To get lite, we have to click on a link..
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