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@QOAL: it's the older 2.81d compile that's gone back in since i just ran out of time to find the exact cause of issues with the 2.82 compile. from the time that i was able to check things out, it looks like one of the vc6 service packs/updated sdk is the cause of the compile issue on the main dev machines we have (with a clean vc6 install on my laptop i can get a working build of 2.81d & 2.82). the issue with the 2.82 compile is that the star fighter preset which i use as a check still fails to work properly (but it looks like the main bulk of the localisation changes are not the cause and it's just shown up an issue elsewhere).

i've got to get this resolved for whatever comes after 5.5 just to ensure our langpacks tally up with things

@Sjakko: you'll need to edit/remove the paths.ini file in the root of the winamp folder to force it back to shared settings

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