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This had been argued about internally but was overriden (since it hinders having multiple installs without manually editting files but then again the new installer isn't messing up my existing installs now so it's a bit of give and take). The logic follows of using exising settings if there's a previous install (based on paths.ini i believe) or it forces to multi-user settings (logical now that we only support OSes where profiles are the normal and in general most people had been asking for this) on new installs (well that's how it should be working from what i understand).

@Hanschke + AlecTronic: The translations were done via the AOL localisation teams. There were always going to be issues with the new language packs due to the short time we had to get them fully done (isn't easy on something when there's around 40k words and a bit over a month to sort out) plus we knew that people were always going to disagree with the phrasing of things.

For issues, please see this post for where to report issues (rather than posting here). and we'd prefer to get the official versions fixed up (though all of the details for the lang packs will be following - i've just got to finish sorting that out as doing the coding was more important at the time). and i know from an asthetics view, most of the lang packs need to be cleaned up to match with the alignments in the english defaults - things will be rectified for the next release hopefully though we'll be sorting out some other issues as well.

At least things are localisable now which is better than the situation pre-5.5 so just bear with us and help by providing details on issues to the translation mailing list so we can make a better language pack (with a thanks in advance i hope )

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