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Originally posted by Sickthing
I've played with the settings and unless something has changed, once 4Frong is used, changing the built equalizer has no effect at all. At least not to my ear.
Exactly as me. I can't hear anything different checking/unchecking "Fast Layer 3 EQ".


But doesn't have to do with the options? Once you change the DSP effect options isn't that the only "device" that's used?
I think there's a mistake here. I'm not talking about an installed 4Front EQ but about the fact that Winamp uses 4Front EQ by default when you uncheck "Fast Layer 3 EQ".

In other words, it seems that there are 2 built-in EQs in Winamp: the Standard EQ and 4Front EQ. The first one works when you check "Fast Layer 3 EQ" and the second one works when you uncheck that option.
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