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Originally posted by Benski
Here's the details:

Every input plugin has the ability to provide their own EQ. If they don't provide their own, Winamp does the equalization itself, using code provided from 4Front. The implementation of the 4front EQ inside Winamp only goes -12dB to +12dB.

Of the Nullsoft input plugins, only in_mp3 actually implements its own EQ. By default, it doesn't use it, but it will if you turn on "Layer 3 EQ" in the in_mp3 preferences (under "Input"). The Fast Layer 3 EQ works by adjusting the mp3 data before the decoding process.

Equalizer preference is always a matter of opinion. The reason we turned off "fast layer 3 eq" is because most users did not understand why the EQ sounded different between MP3 files and other files (WAV, M4A, WMA, etc).

I'm working on some new options for the Equalizer in 5.51, including the ability to switch to ISO frequencies (although the skins will show the weird Winamp frequncies) and a "constant Q" option which changes the relationship between bandwidth ("Q") and gain as the sliders are adjusted.
Thanks for the answer! Very clear!
Just one more thing: I can't hear any difference when checking/unchecking "Fast Layer 3 EQ" option. Well, I only hear MP3 files. Is this the reason?
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