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1. The ML window bug is still here (opens behind other windows).

2. The songticker bug is still here (shows "5.51.." instead of song).. This happens on startup only, and only when the title of the song is too short to scroll.. If the text is long enough to scroll, the bug is not there.. Benski may know a little bit more about this..
I repeat - It happens only when the title is too short to scroll, and it happens only in Winamp Modern Skin.

3. And, the Winamp Modern Skin winshade mode songticker still has not the same options as in the normal mode..

Besides that, 5.51 looks nice =)

4. When I install Winamp 5.51, the installer sets "Winamp Agent" to be disabled, even though I had it enabled before.. It always disable it when I install... Bug?
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