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Originally posted by DJ Egg
It helps to provide the full method of reproduction.

etc etc etc
1. Benski has said that he can reproduce that bug, but couldnt get it fixed in time for 5.51 (beta).. I can write a list of reproduction, but not right now..

2. Yes, I have a saved playlist on my desktop. I am double-clicking that to start Winamp (and it automatically starts to play song #1 when shuffle is OFF).. Then this bug occurs..
IF I press F5 (refresh), the songtext is showing..
But as I said, this bug only occurs when the songtitle is too short to scroll in the songticker...

3. Yes, here is the link.. See #4..

"Yeah, the Winamp Modern skin had been a bit neglected.
In 5.51, the WA Modern winshade songticker also has the classic ticker option, and also now has the rt-click options for the Album Art window, and maybe a few other 5.5-related updates.

4. OK.. =)
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