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Ok DJ Egg, here we go:

1. I figured out the songticker text problem.. It shows wrong when the first song is a song which is copied from a CD or something (view file info - it says Track 1 on metadata).. The other songs doesnt have Track 1 etc...
But still, it happens only in the Winamp Modern Skin.. And it worked fine in WA 5.35.. So why do I get this problem now?
I have attached the song.. Try it (add it in your playlist and start with double-clicking on .m3u playlist file on desktop).. This need to be a playlist with many songs, and not only that song... Try it

2. The Media Library issue is a REAL ISSUE... Now, Benski can you come over here for a second.. You said you could reproduce it, and that it was a problem with the Modern Skins skinning-engine (or something).. Can you fix it?

Look in that thread DJ Egg.. You said that the winshade songticker in WA Modern skin should be updated to 5.5 status in 5.51...
WHERE IS IT? I dont see it implemented in 5.51, even though you have said it two times!

Keep up the good work..

EDIT: Here is the link to that song (and remember, it works if you only open that song.. but not if you open it in a playlist.. strange..)

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