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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Nope, still can't reproduce it.
Are you sure your winamp.m3u8 isn't set to read-only?
Is 'Play in Winamp' the default action, or 'Enqueue in Winamp'?

Anyway, I'm sure everyone will agree that we don't want to see this thread go the same way as the last two, so I'm going to leave it at that. Please, no more on this issue, before I go insaaaaane ;-)

As for #3

Those are the two things I was talking about in the post you linked to.
Where do I check that winamp.m3u8 thing? And that "Play/Enqueue" thing?

As for #3
Yes, that is working already (for the main window).. But it doesnt change anything in winshade mode (it is stuck on Modern style there.. I cant change it. Neither the pixel (if someone want too)..

And do you see.. Its not only me who are getting that Media Library problem!
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