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When Is It Too Much?

I am still giving Winamp 5.5x the benefit of the doubt because it is obviously still a work in progress, but I have to admit I'm not thrilled about the direction Winamp seems to be taking. Too often, great software loses its greatness by trying to be all things to everyone. Sometimes it just works great the way it is and beyond making sure new formats are handled properly, and perhaps song data can be improved upon, there doesn't always need to be a major upgrade for a mature software product.

I use Winamp as my default audio player. I've never really liked using it for video, nor have I really bothered to use it for burning/ripping/doing my laundry. It's always been a great way to create playlists, play audio and never have to worry about it crashing or sucking away my system resources.

And then v5.5 came out. My system is a few years old, but it's still probably classified at the lower end of the midrange with two gigs of memory. It used to be that when I launched an audio file, Winamp would be there in less than ten seconds and would happily do its thing.

But since 5.5 has come out, it takes considerably longer to load, usually hangs up briefly between tracks because of the frankly obnoxious lower right playlist info window (still haven't figured out how to turn that off), and is just plain sluggish. It's using a lot more system resources as well.

From the perspective of a user who is not a settings tweaker, what I start with after installation is usually what I stay with, excepting making sure associations stay put and turning down or off some of the glitz.

There are just too many things that I am not clear about with the direction Winamp is going. Things like why there is a browser attached to a media player - why is that necessary or relevant? I'm also uncertain why 5.5 seems to be showing the same album art for every item it plays.

What I am going to try next is uninstalling the whole thing, trying v5.51 at the most minimal install possible, and see if things get any better. But if it still seems to be a resource piggy and is overbloated, I'll revert back to an earlier version.

I do appreciate the efforts underway to improve the player and for those anxiously awaiting them, I cast no aspertions your way. But I felt it important to also give the perspective of those of us who just want to be sure Winamp will always have a tightly packaged, efficient player leaving as few system footprints as possible.
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