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Skins usually should automatically install to Winamp upon downloading. Are you having problems with Modern (.wal) skins? Only Winamp Full, Bundle or Pro supports Modern (.wal) skins. However, Pro is not required for Modern skin support Winamp Full does support modern skins. See the following post...
Issues with "Auto-installing"/Downloading Skins
Another possibility is a recent skin database issue at caused a very small handful of skin files to be corrupted. Give or take a few days this occurred from about September through November (of 2007). Are you noticing this with some skins published about that time? If so, please provide a link or two. If the skins you are trying to download are from that time, you might be able to find copies at some of the third party skin collection sites...1001 Winamp Skins and/or deviantART would probably be the best bets.

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