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APEv2 tag support has been on the wishlist for years.
The main reason for us adding support was that certain other players at some point used to write APEv2 tags by default, and also wrote ReplayGain values to APEv2 tags instead of ID3v2.

People would then come here asking why Winamp wasn't seeing the RG values.

Well, it does now. So now there really is no valid reason for using a 3rd-party mp3 plugin any more (eg. in_mad provides support for APEv2 tags).

There's a link to the 5.52 Wasabi Changelog in the first post.
I'll leave any further Bento-specific changes for Martin to report...

@LouCypher & YUTARO
It'll just be a relay server / cache issue, and should resolve eventually.

If not, try adding "gdownload" into the url, eg.
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