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Originally posted by DJ Egg
@Michael T.

Those features were new to 5.5, not 5.52

The Media Monitor aka MP3 Blog scraper is in the Bento browser.
Basically, it lets you browse mp3 blog sites, and lists all the available mp3's underneath, so you can download them all in one go.
Alas, there's still no config for it, and it still just auto downloads files to the
My Documents\My Music root folder, and auto adds them to the local media library.

Dynamic Song Recommendations is the Gracenote MusicID Playlist Generator feature, available by right-clicking library or playlist items and selecting 'Play tracks similar to" (Scan & config available via: Prefs -> Plugins -> Media Library -> Playlist Generator -> config).

The download size for the *_all.exe installers is larger because they include 7 language packs, whereas e.g. *_en_us.exe is just the English language installer.
Okay I think I understand the Media Monitor a bit better now. If I read you right, basically what the Dynamic Song Recommedations does is tell the user that say Nightwish is similar to Within Temptation, if both artists are in a users current playlist and they right click on Nightwish?

Well 5.51's download size for the Full version is 11.24MB while the download size for 5.52 (Full) is 8.30. I'd say that's an improvement. Is there anything in the latest release that we can opt out not to install?
Thank you for explaining these to me.
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