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Winamp 5.53 public beta (build 1898) to 5.53 Final (1924) changelog:
Added Russian lang pack author to credits
Disabled custom cursors in html pages on Vista
Fixed Bento browser unicode character search
Fixed broken accelerator keys in modern winshade pledit
Fixed Lite installer (added missing nde.dll, required by in_cdda)
Fixed translated skin image loading
Fixed unicode installer related issues (eg. custom Start Menu name)
Localized versions of Winamp Remote (serverside download)
More general minor tweaks, improvements & optimizations
Updated Dutch, French, German, Polish, Russian & Spanish translations
Various misc Bento skin & browser tweaks/fixes
Winamp Search browser option on 'Get the most out of Winamp' installer page
Winamp Toolbar updates
[gen_ff] Fixed translated skin image loading
[gen_ml] Fixed skinned scrollbar hover state
[in_cdda] Fixed some rare/sporadic cddb crash related issues
[in_mp3] Fixed crash on encountering a bad ID3v2 version (e.g. ID3v2.F)
[in_wm / out_ds] Fix for "copy to clipboard" unicode bug
[ml_dash] Version bump to 1.03
[ml_disc] Fixed CD Ripping output path & naming convention
[ml_disc] Working 'Copy' function in Data Disc viewer
[ml_playlists] Fixed Add, Sel & other button functions
[ml_pmp] Version bump to 1.24
[xml.w5s] Case-sensitivity updates
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