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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Weird. Sorry, but I can't reproduce the 'enqueue playlist' problem.
What's your Windows OS?
Make sure the commandline for m3u/m3u8/pls files uses the /ADD switch, and not /NEW.

If it's Vista, then certain things won't work if Winamp is 'run as administrator' (eg. drag+drop from Explorer to pledit) and maybe also the cause of your issue? Though I'm not rightly sure at the moment...[/B]
I am using Windows XP. Clean install. Nothing special here. I am not sure where to look for the switches. I do not know where to change that and I have never done it before. Maybe I am missing something somewhere? I am listening to a song. I navagate to my My Documents/my music folder. Right click a playlist, choose enqueue in winamp and a new instance of winamp pops up with my enqueued playlist in it. Anyone else can confirm or deny?

[EDIT] I rebooted the computer and that seemed to fix the problem. I am sorry for the confusion. I reproduced the problem multiple times, but a reboot did the trick. [/EDIT]
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