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Originally posted by DJ Egg

The problem with installing skins might be a Vista-specific issue.
Try right-clicking the download link, select 'save target/link as', and save the WLZ or WAL file to the Winamp\Skins folder, then select it from the Skins menu in Winamp.

Re: Vista thumnbails
You need to be using the Aero theme in Vista, which shows thumbnails when you mouseover the items in the Windows Taskbar...
Up till now, this has been broken for Winamp when using a Modern skin,
where it would show a thumbnail representation of the Classic skin instead.
It's still broken if Winamp is minimized to the taskbar, but now works fine (once that .ini setting is in place, and winamp is restarted) when Winamp is visible on the desktop and a Modern skin is being used...
Thanks! the skin solution worked! rightclick and save to skins-directory then to the skin browser in winamp.

The vista thumbnail looks cool, but im only using the trayicon so thats why i didnt notice it

Thanks again!
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