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Issue with "Enqueue selection" in a ML Playlist

Originally posted by Juanus
I am listening to a song. I navagate to my My Documents/my music folder. Right click a playlist, choose enqueue in winamp and a new instance of winamp pops up with my enqueued playlist in it.
Anyone else can confirm or deny?
I can NOT confirm this specific errant behavior Juanus, but I too am having problems when right-clicking on a song in a ML Playlist and then clicking “Enqueue selection”.
See the description of my problem below.
Originally posted by Juanus
[EDIT] I rebooted the computer and that seemed to fix the problem.
I am sorry for the confusion. I reproduced the problem multiple times, but a reboot did the trick.
A reboot did NOT fix/effect my problem.
Originally posted by DJ Egg
Control Panel -> Folder Options -> File Types
M3U -> Advanced
Enqueue in Winamp -> Edit
App used commandline: "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" /ADD "%1"

(assuming that's where you installed Winamp to,
otherwise change the path accordingly)
I believe my file type actions are setup as instructed DJ Egg, but I’m still having problems. My File Type options are currently set as pictured:

I know that the behavior of the ML Playlist “Play selection” and “Enqueue selection” commands is affected by the options selected in the preferences for ML Library Options. My Library Options are currently set as pictured:

Issue #1:

When I right-click on song in a ML Playlist and then click “Enqueue selection”
nothing happens. No song is enqueued in the Playlist as expected.

Issue #2:

When I highlight a song (or songs) and use the Enqueue selection hotkey of Shift+Enter the highlighted songs are enqueued TWICE (two entries) in the Playlist. Not once as expected.

Note that using the following methods behave as expected:
  • the ML Playlist’s “Send-To” button’s “Enqueue in Winamp” command
  • the “Enqueue in Winamp” command off a physical MP3 file or physical M3U file
And I know it's a different command, but just for comparison purposes ...
using the ML's “Enqueue and play selection command”* works as expected.

* (added via DrO’s “ML Enqueue & Play” plugin if memory serves)

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