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Re: Re: Issue with "Enqueue selection" in a ML Playlist

Originally posted by Juanus
Yeah, actually your first issue was reported earlier in the thread, but not explained very well. Here
Basically all of the right click functions in the playlist screen are borked. And Egg was looking to see if there would be a fixed playlist plugin.
Doh! I'm an idiot.
(Glad I took all that time to make a thought out bug report including screen shots).

Originally posted by DJ Egg

Doh! Yup, reproduced.
Maybe we can get a fixed ml_playlists.dll update....
Thank you DJ Egg!
Sorry for the repeat report everyone, I missed that earlier post.

Originally posted by Juanus
Your second issue also only happens in the playlist screen. From the Audio screen, it works O.K. I have a feeling its all related to the bad Ml_Playlist.
Thanks for confirming the behavior Juanus.
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