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This means that Gracenote CDDB (MusicID) is either disabled or not installed.
Maybe you unchecked it in the installer options...?
If not, then go to: Winamp -> Prefs -> Plugins -> in_cdda -> config
and checkmark "Use MusicID".

See the notes (#2) in the first post re: MusicID tab won't appear...


The buttons for the playlist & ml_disc data viewer are now dynamic, i.e. they follow the global font size setting in Prefs -> Playlist (assuming 'ML uses same font as Playlist' is also checkmarked in Prefs -> Media Library -> Library Options tab).

Hopefully, we'll eventually update all the ml buttons to follow that same behaviour, but it's probably quite a big job....

Re: 3 pane ml view bug

Yes, I can reproduce it.

Is this new to 5.53, or did it also exist in 5.52 and/or earlier?


Please see the new 'Known Bugs' section in the first post :-)
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