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please test the songtimers in all your favorite skin (you know the text that counts while you're playing music, hehe). Click on 'em, check if the state (elapsed/remaining) is saved correctly.

Wasabi changes (incomplete)

Winamp 5.54

New skin version from now on: 1.34

* New <AlbumArt/> Params
-stretch: always use the skin-defined dimensions if 1

* New <List/> Params
These params apply also for derived list classes, like colorthemes list and downloads list
-background: use a userdefined background image
-tile: use background tiling (default: on)
-nocolheader: hide the column header

* New <Text/> Params
-translate: set to 0 in order to turn off translation

* New: Icon Support for GuiList
PHP Code:
extern GuiList.setItemIcon(Int posString bitmapId);
extern String GuiList.getItemIcon(Int pos);
extern GuiList.setShowIcons(int showThem);
extern Int GuiList.getShowIcons();
extern Int GuiList.setIconWidth(int width);
extern Int GuiList.setIconHeight(int width);
extern GuiList.getIconWidth();
extern GuiList.getIconHeight();
extern Int GuiList.onIconLeftClick(int itemnumint xint y); // Return 1 to prevent other actions to be called (eg onLeftClick()) 
* New: AlbumArtLayer is a new script object, so you can create albumart layers on the fly within maki

* New: std.mi functions
PHP Code:
System.urlDecode(String url);
GuiObject.onMouseWheelUp/Down(); // is just working on layouts atm
extern System.downloadMedia(String urlString destinationPathboolean wantAddToMLboolean notifyDownloadsList); // Replacement for downloadUrl() 
* Fixed: std.mi functions
PHP Code:
Menu.disableCommand(int entryint disabled); 
* Added: antialias param to dropdownlist/combobox/historyeditbox

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