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1. Cannot reproduce your slider issue.

2. The compile date was improved, because just America is using %Y/%m/%d, the rest of the world is using the other version, so I have no idea what you mean.

And just to clear things up for the others, you are really crying about the compiler date format in the installer:

The H.263 flv decoder only says (h) in the text after the checkbox.
Which installer language are you using? As I pointed out above, there was not enough time to include updated languages for French etc.

The English language just works fine and says "Nullsoft FLAC decoder v1.1 (h)", because if you install the .w5s file, the version number will automatically changed to "v1.1 (h)" in Winamp.

Also, can you not have the installer close if Winamp is open?
Most plugins will be just loaded after Winamp was restarted, plus the EP installer has an option to open Winamp after installation, i fail to see your point.

Btw the installer works like this like Winamp 5.31
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