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Ok, I did a clean install and it the FLAC compression slider shows up. I will try and see what it is about my current install.

English, only ever English. If I was using something else I would have said so. My point later was that the installer doesn't include in_flv so it shouldn't lead people to believe that it does. f263.w5s isn't of much use without in_flv is it? [some time later] I see what Winamp does and I guess I understand why you copied it.

About the date format. I don't know any country that commonly places the year first. The ISO standard does and that's why I think that moving away from it is hardly an improvement. This is just me whining about it so if you don't care then I will shut up.

About the (essentials) installer detecting if Winamp is running. It says "Please close all instances of Winamp before installing the pack!
Close Winamp now?"
Press No, which I hoped would continue, closed the installer. The Winamp installer does not do this. I can go right to actual installing before it complains. I ran the installer again to check only to discover I had to close Winamp even if I was not going to install anything. Again, this is just me whining about it so if you don't care then I will shut up.

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