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Originally posted by J_Darnley
If I was using something else I would have said so. My point later was that the installer doesn't include in_flv so it shouldn't lead people to believe that it does. f263.w5s isn't of much use without in_flv is it? [some time later] I see what Winamp does and I guess I understand why you copied it.
I have no permission to talk more about that, just want to say one thing, it looks like the people who made that file wants that it looks like in the installer. Sure it's just an addition and not the whole plug-in. But the text of the installer was not choosen by me. And if you look how this works, the text makes sense.
About the date format. I don't know any country that commonly places the year first. The ISO standard does and that's why I think that moving away from it is hardly an improvement. This is just me whining about it so if you don't care then I will shut up.
UK, Germany, France etc are all using the same format, I never heard about an iso standard and to be honest I don't care, because the "new" format is what most people are using everyday in most countries.

I was happy, that the dates in the library were localized, because I have trouble to read the American format. It's complicated, if you've learned the other, non ISO standard version for many years.

Maybe I'll make the format changable via the language files, but then i want to the an EP translation from you in your language.
About the (essentials) installer detecting if Winamp is running. It says "Please close all instances of Winamp before installing the pack!
Close Winamp now?"
Press No, which I hoped would continue, closed the installer. The Winamp installer does not do this.
Personally I always wished, the Winamp installer would use the same format like EP, I have to push the "Retry" button several times, when Winamp installer detects a running instance. Maybe I'll change the behavior of the "No" button, that the installer won't be closed, we shall see.
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